I was surprised to read that over 40% of married couples with children in the United States right now involve at least one child from a previous relationship. That means that over 40% of married couples are probably working hard to become a harmonious blended family. While every stepmother wants to waltz into a happy household, every stepparent relationship doesn’t always get off to an awesome start. 

Building Rapport with Your Stepchild

Don’t go into the situation with unrealistic expectations. Instead, focus on small steps to strengthen your relationship with your stepchild. Small things, like paying attention to what cereal they like or making a point to ask about a friend, can build a good foundation.

  • Be supportive of your new stepchild. Recognize that every parent is important to a child, and you will never be the same as their other parents. Instead of trying to replace a parent, instead focus on building a new, fresh relationship and always be yourself.
  • Work with your spouse to be in constant, open communication about the entire family. By being mutually supportive and making decisions together, you can always have back-up and someone encouraging the relationship between you and your stepchild.
  • Before you can take a disciplinary role, you need to earn your stepchild’s respect. If you waltz in and act like you rule the roost now, you will rub your new stepchild the wrong way and do nothing to improve their idea of you. In the start, a stepparent should be involved in rule-making but not enforcement. Always present rule changes as a joint decision to avoid painting you as the villain.
  • Be persistent. Family life doesn’t snap into alignment overnight, so keep in mind that it could take years before you have an awesome rapport with your stepchild. However, if you keep working at it, the benefits will far outweigh challenges.
  • Let the child set the pace for your relationship. If they are open and want affection from you, don’t waste the opportunity. However, if they are combative and hostile, don’t force your affection on them. 

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